KtVU news coverage of march for family rights

May 8, 2018. Walnut Creek, California.

AbC 10 story featuring OUR MOVEMENT WORK

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Audit of the Commission on Judicial Performance

In 2018, California's court reform movement was successful in pushing through an audit of its Judge Oversight Agency. The audit found that lax oversight fostered judicial misconduct. 

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Palo Alto Post reporting on Judge Recalls in California

First, Judge Aaron Persky was successfully removed from the bench in Santa Clara County. Then after our judge recall efforts hit judges started pushing back. 

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Ex Parte Press

A detailed account of the May 8, 2018 March for Family Rights protest.

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The 2019 Free Her Conference was a convening of ideas and reimagining of communities.

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Misconduct and Collusion by CPS Attorneys in San Francisco Superior Court

Probably our most influential published work in the San Francisco movement.

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Suzy Porter and Sushi Wooshie

Martinez, California. July 8, 2018.

California Rise (formerly Parents Against CPS Corruption) storms the Contra Costa District Attorney's Office demanding a public corruption investigation on the courts.

ICB Kidnappers

Check out this music video written, produced and performed by our very own from San Mateo County, Barry White.

Legal Kidnapping 2

Another great rap song and video by Barry White, demanding an investigation on San Mateo Child Protective Services.